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Windsurfing is an amazing sport to learn! We all started windsurfing first and it still remains our favourite.

In your first lesson you will start on the beach with a simulator which shows you how the equipment will react in the water.
The instructor will show you the equipment and demonstrate how to get into the correct sailing position. Then how to get going and how to stop and turn. After it is time to get in the water!! Once you get up and going its a great feeling and in your first lesson you should beable to get going and start your turns towards the wind (Tac)
We offer group sessions and private sessions. With Private lessons you can enjoy 1 on 1 instruction and have the equipment to yourself for the full session. With Group lessons you share your equipment and time on the water. Which is also great if you want to go at a slower pace or have a fun experience with a friend.
As your lessons progress you will learn how to go upwind and downwind, how to turn towards the wind (Tac) and away from the wind (Gybe)
Eventually the goal is to become independent so you can rent equipment and practice on your own. It is awesome fun and our instructors are some of the very best!


Price per Person

  • 60 €
  • 115 €
  • 170 €
  • 225 €


  • 80 €
  • 155 €
  • 225 €
  • 290 €



Hey hope your looking forward to your holiday in Cabo Verde, please let me know if you need any info or to book lessons/activities.

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