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About the Dream Big Cabo Verde

Dream Big Cabo Verde and Everyone who lives or spends time on Sal knows that the local surfers here are unbelievable. Cape Verde is a magical place and one of the best water sports destinations in the world proven by the world class athletes this tiny island has produced.

Like many other people who live here I have always found it frustrating that there are so many young talented Cape Verdeans here without opportunities to compete or gain sponsorship.

We have therefore founded a charity here called dream big cabo verde and made sure that since we opened we have lent out equipment for these kids to practice, we also encourage tourists to leave old equipment here (wetsuits, harnesses and sometimes boards and kites).

So if you are planning to come over to Cape Verde and do some water sports, remember to bring that old wet suit with the hole in the back or a board that is just lying around in the garage. You could be giving it to the next world champion!!!

We can accept donations here at the school and make sure someone gets some equipment that truly deserves it. Please also check our facebook page with other ways you can get involved to help.

At Dream Big Cabo Verde, We also sponsor the local surfers to go and compete in the other islands – OBVIOUSLY they always WIN!!!

The dreamers

Watch the kids in action




Hey hope your looking forward to your holiday in Cabo Verde, please let me know if you need any info or to book lessons/activities.

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